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 UG7143731kit #

 upload FTDNA gedcomm data set to GEDMATCH 

Will take a few days to batch process 

user name Rick Brockman

password  GEDmatch9cats

GEDmatch Genesis Generic DNA file uploadUpload Time: 2019-Jan-29 15:18:30 UTCSoftware Ver: 2019-Jan-13 17:08:17


Donor Name: Rick Brockman

Your Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686 (x86_64))

AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/62.0.3202.89 Safari/537.36Upload Filename: 

790229_Autosomal_o37_Results_20190129.csv.gzKit identified as FTDNA formatKit identified as Build 37Upload File Size: 6378931 Bytes

Your DNA data file has been successfully received at the server. 

Processing milestones are listed below.You should see the word 'Finished' at the bottom of the page when processing is complete. If you leave this page before it is finished, your data may be lost.Processing normally takes less than a minute.If you see the word 'ERROR', then your file did not complete processing, and you will need to try your upload again.

Processing file...Processing Chromosomes...1 .....2 ......3 .....4 ....5 ....6 .....7 ....8 ...9 ....10 ...11 ....12 ....13 ..14 ...15 ..16 ..17 ..18 ..19 ..20 ..21 .22 .Kit Num: UG7143731

Warning: File does not contain any X-DNA dataUpload completeScroll to bottom of page for link to get bach home.

Assigned kit number: UG7143731 Write this number down. 

You will need it to access your DNA data on this site

Donor Name: Rick Brockman

You should be able to use one-to-one comparisons, and some other utilities on this site within a few minutes.You will NOT be able to see one-to-many results until batch processing has completed.Batch processing usually takes a few hours, but may take up to 2 days to complete depending on server load.After batch processing completes, your results should be available in the 'one-to-many' comparison utilityand some additional applications listed on your GEDmatch Genesis home page.