bpast me pmfuture me fm

setting 1961 Ginsburg house off Wilson Road Cherry Valley

fm do you know where we are

pm (arrogant)man! you are still a mess! 40 years down the pike and youy're still fucking up

fmyou mean this is 1961?

pmI found you at bottom of ravine - you took bad spill on your bike! what's an old fartlike you doing on a bike? I really had little choice ...its my future too!

fmthere must be some alternate universes past and present coexisting at different momentslast thing I remember was young woman who said she was Ginsburg's god daughter dressed up or down like a 60's hippie...coming onto me ...

pm you really are an old fart! still playing games with women and then leaving mewith a traumatized self ... all your traumas...spare me the details... has warped time/space for me once and for all...now I have to be accountable to a future .

fmmay be not so bad I can advise you fill you in on pieces of puzzle that life is ...you knowlife happens when you're not looking

pmspare me ...your prognostications...what are you? a futurologist? from my vantage point you are proving to be a big pain in our collective ass!

fm what about lines from poem don't go gentle into that good night...rage rage rage against dying of light

pmdon't tell me you're a poet too...(laughs and walks away)

setting sitting and relaxing drinking and toting joint

fmoi vei...oi vei...

pm you still the oi vei "kid"?

fmyou can transcend oi vei but first you have to leave Brooklyn, metaphorically speaking

pmis that so? did you just make that up?

fm (ignoring ?'s)you really don't like me...do you? you were always a "sonofabitch"

pmso tell me what you're going to do for me? prove that you're on my side...pass onto me some developments something in the future that will make me abillionaire...

fmintegrated circuits chips control everything

pmcan you at least make this a little more compelling...

fmwhat's this me and you us vs them attitude? if you and I can't get it togetherwe really are screwed...

pm OK OK make a case for "US" for a future that is more than a sham...where I neverhave a chance at happiness...


fm you are not musical

pm I like Bob Dylan

fm I like Leonard Cohen

pm never heard of him

fm same tonal progressions!  you will need music in your life to bring harmony to what is going to happen 

pm and that is?

fm traumatic events will overshadow everyday living! Music will calm you down and bring you back to the basics

pm you keep on hinting at these events and...

fm you're not ready

pm (walks away) fu


pm talk to me!

fm you've got a lot to learn

pm you're being 'preachy'  I'm not happy ...you're not helping...

fm this is not a you v. me confrontation!  Let me break this down for you in terms even you can understand!.

there'sa scientific side not Einstein but definitely nerdy ... that you ignore either out of ignorance or stupidity...

pm I'm not stupid

fm  then its just your ignorance.  There's a poet in you not Eliott and definitely not Will but frustrated as hell either out of laziness or fear

pm  I'm not afraid!

fm  and there's a lover within you not L Cohen that chooses to hide his passion  out of ignorance and laziness

pm how do you know all this?  I mean how...how...we are after all the same 

fm  you keep on referencing that we are the same...perhaps its easy for you to be me but not vice versa

I listen to the voice inside me and you are not listening

pm  how can that be?  we are same person.  

fm  there you go again leaning on our sameness when it suits you. As far as the universe is concerned its  just bits

 of a wave like in the ocean that seems the same but then have you ever tracked the path of a wave....(laughs)