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Cherry Valley Kiosk#


1. takes innovative approach to climate change mitigation and adaptation#

2. makes Kiosk accessible to all local interests by placement in local village or town public space/park#

3. provides online service to all local interests whether or not they have a personal/private Internet service #

4. placing local web page on Kiosk computer will inform all local interests of any and all projects and proposals for Climate Smart Community funding #

5. encourages learning about local interest in climate change mitigation and adaptation #

6. provide a wifi hub that will cover all businesses and residents in the village/town and save taxpayers that additional expense of subscribing to an ISP  #






Webkiosk softwareNo starch press rpi robotics


AnonymousCoward, 23-Apr-2019 22:47


Dazzle.ekblad@dec.ny.gov518 402 8448


AnonymousCoward, 24-Apr-2019 17:16



what is the process to  completing proposal and prototyping a kiosk...?


Richard Brockman, 26-Apr-2019 00:47


CV town board needs to approve project...expand on ideas for climate mitigation and adaptation


AnonymousCoward, 30-Apr-2019 13:22



Separate out issues of CSC and my own home...former has a kiosk powered only by a solar panellatter has a solar panel(s) tied in to energy gridAmy from food co-op makes distinction between awareness of locals on climate issues and kiosk project which is really just a way of securing matching grant from CSC NYSERDA DEC ..."kick-off" event for project is bringing local attention to this issue and then Dan from food co-op won award for RS and its plan for community engagement.  

Richard Brockman, 01-May-2019 18:54



5-17-19 is a few weeks after last entries and pushing my self to get resolution on project.  

  1. ongoing conversations with Dan and Aimee about upcoming CV town board meeting
  2. also conversation with Michael Meyer from NYS Historical Museum in Albany who is resident expert on grant writing 
  3. also conversations with people I met at Milford Central -  gave email address to a few people who said they would get back to me or at least expressed interest in RPi (Chris from Oneonta JC who wants to bring RPi into his technology programs,  tech woman (LTA) at Milford HS who needs some help flashing RPi's)


Richard Brockman, 17-May-2019 23:40